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Following a phone call, if you wish to contact me for further information about  my services please fill out the following form. When you are finished, click the 'Submit' button to send me your message. You will see a confirmation below.



For online information about the marriage and couples counseling process, please click here for six articles on this website describing how I do marriage and couple counseling "How Does Marriage and Couple Counseling Work?"

Should we decide to get together for counseling, and once we make an appointment, I will be sending each spouse, via email, a 23-page questionnaire, asking about your relationship, for you and your partner to fill out separately, and bring with you to our first meeting. This process is time-saving and cost-effective and will help us hit the ground running.

In order to get the questionnaire, please hit the submit button to the right, confirming the date and time of the appointment. Please include your email address and your cell phone number as well as your spouse's cell number.